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I'm Ayaz, Interior Designer Contractor and one of the Lead Wholesaler of Gybsom Board, False Celling, Fiber-Cement Board, Grid Ceiling, PVC Ceiling in Uttar Pradesh.

I Am Specialized in the Management of Interior Design & Flase Celling Projects

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Interior Design

The way by which a building comes into being to satisfy the reason of a given require, requires the collaboration of both the planner and the insides creator. The outside of a building fundamentally makes a difference to characterize special structural aesthetics. It moreover plays a basic part in improving vitality execution and the insides work of the building. However, so regularly we come up short to perceive the significance of this respective relationship when mulling over the plan industry; nearly as in case they satisfy two totally partitioned functions.

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Enhancing gypsum board has numerous properties such as light weight, tall quality, fire sealing, sound separator and tall ductility etc. It can be prepared in such ways as sawing, planning, nailing, penetrating and staying. It’s helpful in application and establishment. The physical mechanical properties of enhancing gypsum board must meet the prerequisites in “Decorative Gypsum Board” (JC/T 799–96). The right side of enhancing gypsum board ought to not have such abandons to debilitate its enhancing impacts as pores, smears, crackles, unfilled corners, disproportion of colors and inadequate designs etc.


Obtainment is more often than not a portion of the input to a company that at that point employments the merchandise or administrations secured within the making of their possess last product. This makes it a really crucial work of any commerce. It is critical to the success of the buyer’s commerce to obtain the most excellent quality of products or administrations secured at the foremost competitive rates.
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We have done more than 100 projects like in MNC like Teleperformance Indore, L&T Sybosis University and many more.